Absolutely! As professional makeup artists we are trained not only in artistry but also product knowledge. We understand the difference that professional products make, and the primary one being longevity. We use professional, artistry brands that are designed for long wear. Moreover, we know which primers to use for different skin types and skin concerns. The right primers coupled with the right makeup products = a long lasting makeup.

Of course you can! Although we always recommend a trial, we understand that sometimes a trial may not be possible. We offer a 1 hour Zoom call for all bookings that are done without a trial so you and Sana or your stylist can discuss hair and makeup ideas. Sana and her team will work with you on your wedding day to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your hair and makeup. Extra time is added to all bookings without a trial so that you can request any changes be made to your final look.

There isn’t one! The beauty of Sana and her Agency of artists is that there are enough of them to service a bridal party of up to 20 people if need be. So do not worry – there is no party size too large to accommodate.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend having a trial before your wedding day – to ensure that you do not have any sort of sensitivity or reaction to the products used. 
If you have sensitive skin and are prone to reactions, it’s best to disclose that with Sana or her team members at your trial so we can ensure the proper steps are taken to minimize any discomfort or reaction you may have. 
Skin sensitivities are very common, and that does not mean that you cannot still have a beautiful makeup. All it means is we find the right combination of products that suit you 🙂

While there is no obligation for clients to book Sana or a member of her team after having your trial, the trial fee is non-refundable as you are paying that artist for their time to work with you during your trial and turn down any other work on your wedding date. 
There are 2 options when booking Sana or a member of her team: 
1) you may pay the trial fee and schedule your trial, which automatically reserves your wedding date for you; or 

2) you may pay the deposit fee to reserve your wedding date and schedule your trial for a later date, or a day that is closer to your wedding date. 

Either option you choose, the money paid will be deducted from your final invoice which is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.

You don’t want to book a trial too far in advance of your wedding day, or else you may not remember the hair & makeup, or what is more likely to happen is, you will change your mind on what you want done for hair & makeup. 
The sweet spot for trials is 6-8 months before your wedding date. This way you will have picked your dress, your venue will be confirmed and bridesmaids outfits will be chosen. So by that time you’ll have a much better idea of what you want your wedding day to look like, and more importantly, what you want for your hair and makeup. Sana and her team will always recommend what they feel is best for you and your features, but also take your input into consideration when creating a look for you. At the end of the day, our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied with how you look. 

We love lash extensions, but sometimes a fresh set can prevent us from being able to use strip or individual lashes on our clients, as they can damage or compromise your lash extensions. We leave it up to our clients to decide what they want to have on their wedding day.
Strip and individual lashes can be fully customized from very soft and natural to full and dramatic or anywhere in between. The various styles also allow us to play with each bride’s eye shape, whether that be almond, round, deep-set or hooded. We can build the right shape, style and density to suit the makeup look for your wedding day. Lashes are included in all our services, so you don’t need to worry about asking for them. 
If you need a reputable Lash Tech for extensions, we’d be happy to recommend one!

About 80% of our brides end up needing hair extension’s on their wedding day. One of the most difficult things to do is source them last minute, especially if you have colour treated hair.
We ask all our brides at trial time if they would like to try extensions on with their chosen style. Extensions are great for adding volume, texture and length to a hairstyle. They also help to keep your hairstyle secure and in place for a longer period of time. Brides may either source their own extensions, or they can buy or rent them from Sana directly. For additional information take a look at our services page.

Sana and her team use professional artistry brands in their kits. This includes Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Tom Ford, Face Atelier, RCMA, Kevyn Aucoin, Dior, Becca, Fenty, KVD Beauty and more. Needless to say, you likely won’t find any drugstore brands in their kits but you most definitely will come across some professional brands you’ve maybe never heard of.
Sana and her team love sharing their knowledge and expertise on makeup brands and they love answering questions about product recommendations, so don’t be afraid to ask what something is if you’ve never heard of it before!

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