September 25, 2018

First Impressions: Quickie Product Reviews

Quickie Product Review ~ Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Eye Palette & Blush

With the help of 3 alarms, the stopwatch on my phone and my trusted Google Home reminder, I was able to get my hands on the new Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Luxury Eye Palette and matching Blusher when it launched online.

I’m a huge fan of Charlotte’s work and her products. I try not to be biased, as I did once work for her, so people think “oh you just love everything because it was probably all free”. But let me tell you, that is far from true.

I do love the Pillowtalk lipstick, and I use it on 80% of my brides, because well it really is the perfect pinky-nude.

In all honesty – I love the eyeshadow palette. The rosey-hued colours are really beautiful and they’re perfect for bridal makeup. My favourite thing about this palette is that the Enhance and Smoke shades are matte shadows. This is rare for Charlotte, majority of her shadows are shimmery, making them difficult to use on mature skin.

Of all her luxury eye palettes, I would say this is one of my top 3 favourites. It’s very versatile, in that it would look good on just about any age, and the shades are light enough that you could wear them in the day, but also easily transition them to an evening look.

Charlotte’s eye palettes are designed so that they’re “easy to use, easy to choose and easy to gift”. Each luxury palette has a 4-step guide on how to apply it, and you only need 2 brushes to do any of her 10-iconic looks.

The shadows work in this order: Prime, Enhance Smoke & Pop. The Pop shade is meant to be used with your fingers as it’s a creamy texture that’s activated by the heat and oils of your skin when you rub it.

These shadows are made to be worn alone, no primer is needed because the “Prime” shade is meant to have an eyeshadow primer mixed into it already. If you swatch the shadow, you’ll feel the difference in the texture of that colour, it is slightly creamy feeling.

Unfortunately, that did not hold true for me – I did have to wear both an eyeshadow primer (NARS Smudgeproof  Eyeshadow Base) and neutral cream base (MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre)  lightly buffed onto my eyelid to get the colour density that I needed on my skin tone. Without the primer and base, I didn’t see the colour payoff that I would’ve hoped for. I also noticed that when I used the shadows on their own, I had more fallout then when I used them with my eye primer.

So, if you’re about my skin tone or darker, you will need a base – this also applies to anyone with naturally darker skin on their eyelids and around the eyes.

The blusher is designed to be used a specific way too. The outer colour is meant to be used on the upper cheek and the centre colour is meant for the apples of your cheek, Charlotte refers to this application as “Swish and Pop”. I didn’t do the “swish and pop” on myself because the centre shade is so light, it really wouldn’t have made a difference on my skin. The colour again, is a rosey-pink and it does give you a nice natural rosey glow. It looks like there’s shimmer in the blush if hold it up to the light, but once you put it on, you don’t see any shimmer. Again, I think this is a really versatile blush that would work on any age and skin texture. If you’re 3-4 shades darker than me though, you may not appreciate it as it might be too light for you.

Overall I give the eye palette an 8.5/10 – 1.5 points deducted for the fact that the “prime” shade didn’t really prime my eyelids.

The Blusher I give a 9/10 – 1 point deducted because why have a pop shade so light that it’s practically non-existent?